Continuing Education Certificate

The Continuing Education Certificate (CEC) in Indigenous Governance is a 6-credit professional development certificate that allows individuals from all walks of life to take part in courses taught by renowned faculty, covering a wide variety of topics related to Indigenous governance, Indigenous rights, and economic, community, and leadership development. The CEC requires participants to take six January in Tucson courses, which may be completed over a few years to allow students to study at their own pace.

*Bachelors degree not required


Courses are $750 each; 6 required courses costs $4500.

If you are a tribal professional or aspiring to become one, you may qualify for the Native Nations Institute's Tribal Professional Cohort, which provides tuition for 3 JIT courses and a year-long cohort experience.

Transfer Policy

Credits for the Continuing Education Certificate (CEC) in Indigenous Governance are eligible to be transferred into the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Indigenous Governance degree, upon review and approval by the MPS Admissions Committee. Up to 3 credits of the CEC are eligible to be transferred into the MPS degree.